Benefits of Cover Crop Use


Breaking Through Soil Compaction

The deep and extensive root systems of several varieties of cover crop can break surface and subsurface compaction, allowing your cash crop deeper root systems, as well as plants with less water and fertilizer needs.

Additional Organic Content

Many species of cover crop introduce a high amount of organic matter into the soil. Additional organic matter can increase water holding capacity and improve healthy microbial activity.

Erosion Control

Cover crop can help to prevent loss of valuable and fertile topsoil.

Reduced Fertilizer Use

Some species of cover crop are highly effective in recycling nutrient through the soil. When these crops are terminated, many of the nutrients leech back into the soil. Certain species free up things like nitrogen, or various micronutrients. 

Disease and Pest Control

The very act of rotating crops can work to reduce the pressure of disease. Additionally, certain species of cover crop are natural biofumigants.

Decreased Herbicide Use

Cover crop, when healthy, possesses the capability to suppress weed growth.